Watch: BFI's season of love

True Romance, 1993.

Rekindle your love of film this autumn as the BFI launches a UK-wide season of the most iconic love stories ever to hit the celluloid screen.

Catch old favourites and classics that you’ve perhaps always intended to watch, in their most glorious form. Relive Meg Ryan’s infamous lunchtime lust in When Harry Met Sally (1989), get inspired by Patricia Arquette’s pin-up style in True Romance (1993) and relish every raindrop as Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell finally reunite in Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994).

As well as happily ever afters, the BFI also pays tribute to passion-fuelled tragedies. From Baz Luhrman’s vibrant ‘90s depiction of Romeo + Juliet (1996) to the flickering black and white scenes of Casablanca (1942), the schedule includes a plethora of tearjerkers too. 

Click here for a full list of events taking place in your area.