Watch: Mistress America


Greta Gerwig and Lola Kirke shine in this off-kilter comedy about female friendship, modern aspirations and navigating the social world.

Mistress America follows the adventurous Brooke, a loveable, confident thirty year old who is both admired and idolised by her soon to be step-sister Tracy, a lonely eighteen year old university student.

Brooke, a self proclaimed interior designer, spin instructor, social-media specialist etc, instantly takes Tracy under her wing. Supported by a cast of hilarious and relatable characters, the dynamic pair tackle living life in New York and embark on a Conneticut bound adventure to reclaim Brooke's cats. Watch as their unique relationship develops at the same speed and depth as the situations around them. 

The latest offering from the undeniably talented pairing of Frances Ha's Baumbach-Gerwig writing duo. Mistress America is full of wit and charm. We highly recommend catching this comedy, in cinemas now.