Exhibition: The Japanese House

The Japanese House: Architecture and Life after 1945, photos by Miles Willis, Getty Images

Find some inner peace with The Japanese House exhibition at London’s Barbican Centre, a love letter to Japanese post-war architecture and the zen-like domestic spaces that are embedded in the cultural landscape of the country.

While away the hours exploring the to-scale and fully furnished reconstruction of Moriyama House, a space where the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living blur harmoniously. Inhabited by music and literature-loving urban hermit Yasuo Moriyama, Moriyama’s House is a veritable warren of rooms, including an ‘outdoor’ cinema, sliding mobile libraries and half a dozen of the iconic SANAA rabbit chairs. Watch as the lighting changes from dusk, to night and then back to early morning again, casting new shadows on the house as you move around it.

Proof that a home can be as individual as those who reside within it, The Japanese House: Architecture and Life After 1945 is a celebration of adaptability, survival and above-all creativity. A truly inspiring exhibition, you’ll come away with plenty of new ideas for your next interiors project.

The Japanese House: Architecture and Life After 1945 runs until 25th June at London’s Barbican Centre.