UVA Momentum at the Barbican

UVA – Momentum at the Barbican

UVA – Momentum at the Barbican

Last weekend we paid a visit to the Barbican centre, a favourite Whistles haunt, and checked out the Momentum exhibition in the unique Curve gallery. 

The Momentum installation transforms the space into an immersive atmosphere filled with light, smoke and subtle white noise. Where custom built pendulums swing rhythmically overhead as the only light source, casting shadows and enveloping the audience in occasional beams. 

The London based UVA collective aim to warp perceptions with their site specific work, we highly recommend a visit to Momentum for a somewhat hypnotic yet blissful experience. Journey through the Curve space and we guarantee you will instantly forget about the outside world. 

Momentum is at the Barbican Curve until June 1. 
Visit a Barbican flat with Whistles woman Ivana Bobic.