Watch: La La Land


Having already starred together in Crazy Stupid Love and Gangster Squad, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone reunite in this glittering musical, set in Hollywood.

Director Damien Chazelle is best known for his 2014 award winner Whiplash, and the alluringly titled La La Land is the hotly tipped follow-up. Gosling plays a charismatic jazz pianist who falls hard for a sweet aspiring actress, played by Stone. The love story unfolds via a series of good old-fashioned song and dance numbers and plenty of dreamy moments.

The styling of the film is a real plus. Think tinsel town during its golden era and you’ve got the jist; It’s all smokey jazz clubs, retro suits for him and swirling dresses for her. In terms of tempo, don’t expect anything dated or overly camp. La La Land might be steeped in nostalgia but it scores a gold star for bubbling with the kind of depth that Chazelle is fast becoming known for. 

La La Land is released on January 13th, watch the trailer here.