Five of the best hair colour trends this spring-summer


Looking to refresh your hair this spring? We chat to the stylists at London hairdresser Blue Tit about this season’s trending hair colours, and how to achieve them...


"Subtle, natural-looking blonde is a great colour to ease into spring. We used the flamboyage technique [a hybrid of balayage and ombré] to create this look - highlighting really fine sections and then toning with a warm and creamy blonde to compliment her skin tone." Harriet Franks, London Hairdresser Blue Tit


"Peachy pink is the perfect colour for the season - it’s both statement yet soft. To get this look, we bleach the hair and then follow with a bespoke colour mixed in the salon. This one combines pink, peach and copper colours from our in-house luxury haircare brand Davines." Sandra Vacev, Blue Tit Clapton


“This is an uplifting color, which is amazing in spring because the colour absorbs the sunlight and appears even lighter and brighter. I’ve created this color by making babylights with Olaplex using three different colours: yellow, orange and pink, before finishing with a rose gold toner.” Ilse Veldhuizen, Blue Tit East Village


“This look was created by using a much more golden copper, instead of the usual orange-red toned copper. This keeps the colour looking much lighter whilst keeping its richness and warmth, which I feel is perfect for the spring.” Declan Haworth, Blue Tit Dalston


"This colour was created using a full head of highlights. I think people consider highlights quite traditional, but if you use a modern sectioning technique you can create an allover colour that is beautifully multi-tonal. I used a pre-lightener, slowly lifting the natural base of the hair with Olaplex to maintain the hair’s condition and integrity. Then I used a Davines toner in my favourite shade, which combines both an ash and gold tone, so the result is a natural blonde which is flattering and warming on the skin. I think it’s perfect for this season as we start to see a bit more sun - and if the weather is warming up then why can't our hair?" Lidia Patrizia, Blue Tit Brixton