Whistles Workforce: Hollie


Assistant manager, South Molton Street

Safe from the tourist heavy vortex of central London's Oxford Street, our South Molton Street location offers a pedestrianised sanctuary of shopping space. On a sunny afternoon, we catch up with our delightful assistant manager Hollie and find out why she'll be hanging out in Finsbury Park this weekend...

How did you get to work today?
I live in Canterbury so I get the train to King's Cross. It takes an hour, so I usually use the opportunity to read, I just finished IQ84 by Haruki Murakami.   

What are doing this weekend?
I’m going to see the Stone Roses at Finsbury Park – it’s so exciting as you don’t know when they’ll ever tour again, plus the weather is meant to be amazing so its perfect for a park gig. 

Tell us about your local store neighbourhood?
We sometimes have designer sample sales near us, which is good – and we always hang with other Whistles store staff from the other west end stores like St Christopher’s Place. The boutique Browns is a few doors down and they have amazing store events, the manager is really nice and always invites us down for a drink. 

Is there anything you’ve got your eye on in the store right now?
I can’t wait to get the amazing AW13 pink portfolio clutch that I spotted on AnOther the other day – oh, and I want more all-over sequin pieces.  

What’s the best thing about working on South Molton Street?
The location is really nice being on a pedestrian street – we have quite a lot of 'fashion' customers and you can push the style boundaries a bit more with them, especially as we have such a great selection of the Limited Edition pieces. We don’t have a set customer type, its really varied which I love...I help people find outfits for all sorts of events, from weddings to gigs. 

What are your current obsessions?
Boots! I can’t stop buying boots, oh and I bought some jelly shoes the other day. There are a pretty bright coral colour but I love them – I’m going to wear them to the Stone Roses concert tomorrow. 

What are you looking forward to?
I have the entire weekend off which is so rare so I’m going for a big sunday brunch with a group of friends in Spitalfields, then a wander around the market and chill out in the sunshine.

Hollie wears the Maya Sleeveless Dress style with our Moloko Chelsea Boots. 

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