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11 Must-Read Books To Add To Your Reading Lists This Spring

As the seasons shift, a fresh wave of book releases emerges for avid readers to expand their literary horizons. From the eagerly awaited release from Kiley Reid to a must-read from Matt Haig, the upcoming lineup promises compelling narratives to capture readers this spring and beyond. Join us as we delve into the highlights to look forward to.

Memory Piece by Lisa Ko

Lisa Ko’s Memory Piece (Riverhead), the successor to 2017’s National Book Award finalist The Leavers, eloquently delves into the vibrant tapestry of New York’s art, tech, and activism scenes spanning generations. Tracking the journey of three companions from suburban New Jersey adolescents tethered to malls to their evolution into adulthood, the narrative navigates their individual quests amidst a transforming world. Confronting the societal assumptions imposed upon them as Asian American women and rebelling against the suffocating expectations of their immigrant families, they hunger for liberation—from the confines of race, gender, and familial obligations—while clutching onto the expansive futures they once envisioned.

Come and Get It by Kiley Reid
Taking place within the confines of a college campus, this novel presents a diverse array of voices intertwining in a multi-layered narrative, depicting the lives of University of Arkansas students, professors, and administrators. Revealing campuses as more than just hubs of academic pursuit and nocturnal escapades, the book portrays them as crossroads where individuals with vastly differing backgrounds converge. Reid, known for her debut novel delving into the nuanced dynamics between a nanny and a mother, skillfully illuminates the subtle discrepancies arising from differing perceptions of significance. With an air of traditional manners, the novel aptly captures the essence of the contemporary era.

Jaded by Ela Lee

Jade isn’t my real name. It began as my Starbucks alias, a common practice among immigrant children. But Jade has evolved into everything I aspired to be: a successful lawyer, a devoted daughter, a cherished girlfriend, a loyal friend. However, one fateful night after a work function, she endures a horrific assault. Struggling to come to terms with the trauma, she finds herself torn between her bewildered parents, her betrayed boyfriend, and a job that demands her silence.
As Jade’s carefully constructed world starts to unravel, this candid and darkly humorous narrative delves into the murky realm of consent and the non-linear path of recovery. It challenges readers to ponder: What actions would you have taken in Jade’s shoes?

Ellipses by Vanessa Lawrence

Vanessa Lawrence, a native New Yorker, boasts a career spanning nearly two decades as a writer and editor, with a focus on fashion, society, culture, design, art, and beauty. Her tenure includes notable stints at publications such as WWD and W Magazine.
Set against the backdrop of New York City’s glamorous media landscape, this inaugural novel introduces Lily, a magazine writer ensnared in a toxic mentorship with Billie, a formidable executive. Lily harbours hopes that Billie’s guidance will elevate her career, yet their text exchanges grow consuming, leaving Lily in a state of suspended anticipation. Amid workplace hurdles, Lily grapples with her identity as a mixed-race, bisexual woman. “Ellipses” delves into the complexities of contemporary relationships and the quest for authenticity in an era dominated by digital connections. Through Lily’s journey, the novel illuminates both the triumphs and tribulations of carving out one’s own path on personal terms.

The Women by Kristen Hannah

“Women can be heroes, too.” When twenty-year-old nursing student Frances “Frankie” McGrath hears these surprising words, it’s a revelation. Raised on California’s picturesque Coronado Island and sheltered by her conservative parents, she’s always prided herself on doing what’s right, being a good girl. But in 1965, the world is evolving, and she suddenly envisions a different path for her life. When her brother deploys to Vietnam, she impulsively joins the Army Nurses Corps, following in his footsteps.
As inexperienced as the young men sent to Vietnam to fight, Frankie is overwhelmed by the chaos and devastation of war, along with the unforeseen trauma of returning to a transformed America. Along the way, she’ll discover the true worth of female companionship and the heartache that love can bring.

All Fours by Miranda July

A semi-famous artist announces her plan to drive cross-country from LA to New York. Just thirty minutes after bidding farewell to her husband and child, she spontaneously exits the freeway, checks into a nondescript motel, and immerses herself in a temporary reinvention. This impulsive act unexpectedly marks the beginning of an entirely different journey.
Miranda July’s second novel affirms the brilliance of her unique approach to fiction. With July’s wry voice, impeccable comic timing, unabashed curiosity about human intimacy, and evident joy in pushing boundaries, “All Fours” narrates one woman’s pursuit of a new kind of freedom. Part absurd entertainment, part tender exploration of the sexual, romantic, and domestic life of a forty-five-year-old female artist, the novel transcends expectations while challenging our assumptions about life as a woman. Once again, July transforms the familiar into something refreshingly new and profoundly alive.

The Life Impossible by Matt Haig
The Life Impossible is a story of wild adventure, deep transformation and gloriously heart-warming characters. It shows how a new outlook can burst into life at any moment and change everything.

The Red Bird Sings by Aoife Fitzpatrick

In West Virginia, 1897, tragedy strikes when young Zona Heaster Shue passes away just months after her wedding. Her grieving mother, Mary Jane, becomes convinced that Zona’s death was no accident – she suspects foul play at the hands of her husband, Trout, the charming blacksmith adored by their small Southern community.
Despite Mary Jane’s convictions, Trout’s trial unfolds with disbelief from all but a few, including Mary Jane and Zona’s close friend Lucy, who harboured doubts about Trout from the start. As the trial reaches a crescendo and the men of Greenbrier County unite against them, Mary Jane and Lucy must weigh the cost of revealing Zona’s deepest secret in the pursuit of justice. Yet, even beyond the grave, Zona holds one final revelation that could change everything.

The Wakes by Dianne Yarwood

It’s the chilly embrace of winter in Sydney, and the lives of two strangers have unravelled. Freshly separated and craving a diversion, Clare finds herself agreeing to assist her neighbour Louisa with a funeral catering business that’s overwhelmed. On another front, emergency doctor Chris, though weary from bearing witness to too many farewells, still finds himself drawn to the occasional wake.
As Clare and Chris cross paths, the brightness in their lives begins to flicker back to life. For in the midst of loss, the true value of existence becomes starkly evident.
Funny, poignant, insightful, and optimistic, The Wakes emerges as an irresistible debut novel, weaving together the tales of old friendships, lost love, delectable cuisine, and the promise of fresh starts.

The Heart In Winter by Kevin Barry
Award-winning writer Kevin Barry ventures into American territory with his first novel, a darkly comedic and profoundly romantic narrative following young lovers on the run in 1890s Montana.
In October 1891, amidst the harsh winter of the Rocky Mountains, Butte, Montana buzzed with copper mines and a populace steeped in vice, particularly among the immigrant Irish labourers. Here, Tom Rourke, a young poet entangled in a life of excess, crosses paths with Polly Gillespie, newly married to mine captain Long Anthony Harrington. Their passionate love sparks a journey westward, fleeing on a stolen horse through the rugged terrains of Montana and Idaho. Yet, their idyllic escapade is soon threatened by a relentless posse of deranged Cornish gunmen hot on their heels. As they face the looming presence of San Francisco, their choices will reverberate throughout their lives.
In this timeless tale of love—lyrical, irreverent, and compelling—Kevin Barry reaffirms his mastery as a stylist, a humorist, and a poet of the human condition.

Everything Is Not Enough by Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Everything Is Not Enough delves into the intricately woven and tumultuous lives of Kemi, Brittany, and Yasmiin as they navigate through the themes of place, prejudice, and patriarchy in Europe. In this poignant exploration, Lola Akinmade Åkerström reaffirms her position as a leading voice in nuanced contemporary women’s fiction.



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