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Rediscover Your 5 Favourite Cities This Summer With Our Modern Travel Guide

Amsterdam, Netherlands

From the scenic canals and architecture to the variety of cultural offerings, the capital of the Netherlands; Amsterdam, offers a great mix of historical and modern opportunities. Known as the home to Rembrandt and Vincent Van Gogh, there are a number of art galleries and museums to visit while you stay, including the most renowned Rijksmuseum featuring 800 years of Dutch art and historical objects, as well as Stedelijk Museum for more contemporary art.

Whatever you’re in Amsterdam for, the food is also a key attraction. Located in the heart of Amsterdam-West, the canteen-style cafe Oficina blends food, culture and design, and offers creative breakfast and lunch menus using local seasonal ingredients. Cafe Binnenvisser is another spot to add to your list. With small tasty plates and wine by the glass (or the bottle – they have it all), this is the perfect hidden gem to celebrate the last day of your trip.

VISIT HERE: Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Van Gogh Museum
EAT HERE: Oficina, Cafe Binnenvisser, Klaproos

Copenhagen, Denmark

With the eclectic mix of contemporary food destinations, shops and cultural offerings, Copenhagen is one of the most alluring European cities for summer. Half an hour by train from the city centre is the coastal village of Humlebæk and the Louisiana Museum is a must-visit. Taking visual references from traditional Japanese architecture in Danish settings, the space is characterised by wooden ceilings, exposed structures and open glass windows, seamlessly blended in the outdoor nature.

In Copenhagen, museums aren’t the only place that you can immerse yourself in art and design. Located on a quiet street in the Nyboder area, the multi-disciplinary creative studio Frama showcases furniture and everyday items, and is well-loved for its focus on the use of natural materials with simplicity and modernity. A studio space is now also home to Apotek 57, a cafe serving must-try seasonal dishes such as unconventional croissants and savoury waffles. NewMags is another place to add on your list. Selected as one of the 150 most remarkable bookstores across the world, it has been designed to create a calm and tranquil setting, allowing the unique book collections to stand out.

VISIT HERE: Louisiana Museum, Design Museum, New Mags, Frama, Reffen
EAT HERE: Bottega Barlie, Hart Bageri, Pompette, Lille Bakery

Lisbon, Portugal

Whatever you’re looking for, Lisbon has it all. From historical sites and beaches to redeveloped industrial sites and modern food scenes, the capital of Portugal will keep you busy all day long. With its collection of the history of tiles which still remain strong in Portuguese culture, Museu Nacional do Azulejo is a one-of-a-kind attraction to enjoy during your stay.

If you take a short ferry and walk along the coastline, Ponto Final is a perfect place to spend the evening. The fresh seafood and a great selection of local wines are a talking point but the sunset across the river with the bridge in silhouette is the real highlight.

VISIT HERE: Museu Nacional do Azulejo, LxFactory, Padrão dos Descobrimentos
EAT HERE: Sol e Pesca, Cercejaria Ramiro, Ponto Final

Stockholm, Sweden

The capital of Sweden, Stockholm proves why Nordic cities are some of the most attractive places to visit and live. The city is built on 14 islands with each boasting different personalities and cultural offerings, as well as everything you’d expect from urban cities, such as stylish shops and cutting edge bars and restaurants.

Located in the heart of the city centre, start your day at Stora Bageri with a cup of coffee and cinnamon bun. With friendly service and cosy atmosphere, it’s a perfect place for a quick morning break before exploring the city further. After wandering around the commercial district Norrmalm and the charming old town Gemla Stan, take yourself to Mariaberget to enjoy breathtaking views. All the effort climbing will pay off when you see the panoramic view of the city at sunset.

VISIT HERE: Matiaberget, Moderna Museet
EAT HERE: Stora Bageri, Schmaltz Bar & Delicatessen, Ninja Bar, Tranan

Vienna, Austria

Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in art, music and architecture and explore the cultural heritage, or just want to soak up the atmosphere of a traditional coffee house – the capital of Austria, Vienna has something for everyone. Every viennese district has its own museums but the highlights are the Kunsthistorisches Museum. The grand entrance is made from granite, marble and stucco, an opulent atmosphere and you can easily get lost in a number of collections. Enjoy browsing the work of famous artists such as Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Raphael, as well as decorative arts from the Habsburg dynasty.

After hitting the museums, traditional viennese open sandwiches ‘Trzesniewski’ are a must-try. If you’re craving caffeine, Jonas Reindl Coffee Roasters offer a specialty coffee roasted in house, as well as creamy cheesecakes and carrot cakes. It’s easy to see why this place is becoming a hub for locals and travellers.

VISIT HERE: St. Peter’s Church, Bergverlag (bookshop), Kunsthistorisches Museum
EAT HERE: Café Jelinek, Jonas Reindl Coffee Roasters, Offerl

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