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10 Must-Try Restaurants To Visit In Hove And Brighton

In the vibrant coastal city of Brighton and Hove, a host of culinary delights await you. Nestled along the southern coast of the United Kingdom, this much-loved destination isn’t just famous for its pebble beaches and lively atmosphere; it’s a culinary adventure where flavours and cooking creativity meet. We caught up with our Brand Creative & Graphic Design Lead Lottie Pewter at Whistles, who lives in the city, to get the lowdown on her favourite spots to eat and drink out.

From cosy, relaxed places serving small plates to globally-inspired menus, Brighton and Hove’s dining scene has something to satisfy every palate and awaken the foodie within. Discover the culinary kaleidoscope of Brighton and Hove.

Dishoom Permit Room, Brighton

Dishoom Permit Room in Brighton is a newly opened all day-day bar-cafe you simply must add to your list. Tucked away in the lanes, this cosy spot offers a menu inspired by the Irani cafés of old Bombay. From flavorful biryanis to classic Parsi-style dishes, each bite is a journey through authentic Indian cuisine. Inspired by permit rooms of the 1970s, where people gathered around Formica tables to sip liquors, the space is a testament to Bombay’s spirited history, where you can enjoy a laid-back ambiance and a curated selection of cocktails. Feeling like staying until late? On Thursdays, the guest DJs will guide your tapping toes through funk, punk, hip-hop and disco.

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Blue Man, Brighton

Discover a new favourite in The Blue Man, a go-to cafe bar for Algerian street food. No reservations needed—just drop in for coffee, cocktails, and daily specials. Enjoy their famous cheesy dumplings, lamb sausages, vegan aubergine stew, and more. Their new venue on Gloucester Road is in the heart of North Laine, complete with a terrace for warmer days, making it the perfect spot to enjoy year-round.

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Bincho Yakitori – Brighton

If you’re lucky enough to get a table, enjoy a casual, relaxed atmosphere at Bincho Yakitori, based on a Japanese Izakaya. The chef lived in Japan where he learnt all you need to know about this style of cooking, and the restaurant was originally London-based, before moving to its space in Brighton. The menu rotates weekly and the food is made for sharing, mostly grilled over a natural fire and inspired by simple flavours.

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The Urchin – Hove

The Urchin is a well-loved seafood restaurant, brewery and casual pub tucked away on a residential street. Expect scallops, mussels, king prawns, crab and oysters prepared and cooked to perfection in fresh flavours. If you’re spending the weekend by the sea, this is the ideal location to head to after a day on the beach.

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Plateau – Brighton

Plateau has long been a favourite for a casual yet elevated dining experience. Nestled in the lanes, it provides a relaxed atmosphere for a special meal. The menu features a delightful mix of local and global flavours across small plates, with a focus on fresh seafood. Whether you’re craving succulent oysters or a flavorful catch-of-the-day dish, the options are diverse and delicious. There’s also an expansive menu of natural wines to try.

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Fourth and Church – Hove 

If you’re a wine-lover, this is a favourite restaurant, wine shop and aperitivo based in Hove. The food itself is delicious with bold flavours and the menu features a diverse range of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, from charcuterie and cheeses to seafood and vegetarian options – there’s something for everyone. The real highlight however, is the extensive wine selection, with a glass to compliment every dish and flavour.

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64 Degrees – Brighton

64 Degrees is an acclaimed restaurant in Brighton, known for its dynamic approach to dining. Offering a unique experience centred around the concept of an open kitchen, where guests can witness the chefs’ creativity n in action, it’s perfect if you’re looking for a special dining experience during your stay. Focused on small plates, it explores a diverse range of flavours and ingredients through a series of carefully crafted dishes using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.

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Palmito – Brighton

Palmito offers a blend of vibrant flavours in a cosy setting. This eatery caters to food enthusiasts with an inventive menu, blending local and global influences. From signature seafood paella to creative tapas, each dish showcases the chef’s dedication to quality. The warm, rustic-modern ambiance invites diners to savour every bite. Whether it’s an intimate dinner or a lively gathering, Palmito ensures a warm dining experience that you’ll remember.

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Little Fish Market – Hove

Owned by Duncan Ray, the Little Fish Market in Hove is a seafood restaurant offering an intimate and upscale dining experience. Known for its commitment to freshest seafood from local and sustainable sources, the restaurant has gained a reputation for exceptional culinary excellence. With a limited number of seats, the Little Fish Market provides an intimate setting where diners can savour a carefully curated tasting menu that mirrors the essence of the sea. The attentive service sets it apart and diners can expect the chef to serve you throughout the evening, which is a unique added touch.

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Etch – Hove

Helmed Chef Steven Edwards’ owns Etch; an acclaimed restaurant located in the heart of Hove, known for its contemporary approach to fine dining and gorgeous interiors. Offering a culinary experience that blends artistry and flavour, the restaurant’s menu is a reflection of the chef’s passion for local and seasonal ingredients. The tasting menu is a highlight, featuring a series of beautifully presented and thoughtfully composed dishes that showcase a fusion of flavours and textures. They now offer various tasting menus with different options too so it can tailor to different budgets.

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