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In Conversation With Alice Catherine On All Things Style And A Modern Guide To Manchester

This season, we caught up with content creator Alice Catherine to delve into her distinctive approach to fashion and gain an insider’s guide to the city of Manchester. From her essential wardrobe staples to the art of mixing and matching, Alice shares her expertise, providing a guide to cultivating a timeless wardrobe that seamlessly blends comfort and style. But that’s not all – after our new store opening in Manchester, Alice takes us on a journey through the city, offering a curated guide to its best spots, from cozy coffee shops to inviting restaurants.

Let’s start with a little bit about you. Can you tell us about yourself? How did you get into content creation?

I’m 31, currently residing in central Manchester, and have been in content creation full-time for around six years. After studying English Literature in Leeds, I explored various internships and retail jobs in search of my niche. Despite a passion for photography, styling, and writing, finding a fulfilling role that combined all these elements proved challenging.

I’ve had an Instagram account since its launch, initially using it as a personal mood board. Over time, it evolved into a platform for sharing daily outfits and thoughts alongside my blog. Eventually, I felt secure enough to leave my nine-to-five job and focus entirely on my blog and Instagram

Can you describe your style to us? What inspires your wardrobe?

I draw vintage inspiration from various eras, creating an eclectic mix—primarily from the ’90s and ’80s, but also incorporating elements of the ’60s, especially in terms of makeup. I enjoy blending different aesthetics and avoiding anything too matchy-matchy. For example, if I’m wearing bold statement earrings, I’d likely pair them with a chunky masculine knit or an oversized blazer. When I wear a dress, I love throwing on some chunky boots for that clash of pieces. My preference leans towards muted colors and textures; I’ve realized I’m not a fan of overly bright hues. Inspiration for my style comes from everywhere—books, films, and people on the street.

Inspiration for my style comes from everywhere—books, films, and people on the street.

Has content creation changed your style or your approach to shopping?

Working in this field full-time has certainly pushed me to experiment more than I would otherwise. Constantly playing around with my wardrobe, I discover different ways to style things. It has also made me more discerning in my purchases over the years. Handling and seeing clothes in real life, attending press days, and similar experiences have emphasised the importance of investing in pieces that last and can be styled in various ways. I prefer thoughtful buys over accumulating excess items with the same functions.

Style inspiration and icons?

My style foundation was laid with the classic Jane Birkin approach—solid jeans, a T-shirt, and playful additions like a basket bag. Her relaxed vibe has always been an inspiration for me, serving as a starting point to carve out my own style. I’ve also drawn inspiration from icons like Anna Karina. On Instagram, a friend named Harmony Young stands out. Her beautifully crafted content, focusing on mood boards and a slow pace, is a captivating blend of colors and patterns. It’s a world I’d love to inhabit, and her vintage-inspired aesthetic continuously inspires my own style. She’s highly influenced by vintage styles.

A foundation began with the classic Jane Birkin approach—solid jeans, a T-shirt, and playful additions like a basket bag.

Talk to us about Manchester, how long have you lived there? What do you love about it?

I’ve been here for about nine years now. After graduating, I spent a good amount of time at home before making the move to Manchester as soon as I could. What I appreciate about this place is the friendly atmosphere and a strong sense of community. Over the nearly decade I’ve spent here, I’ve witnessed significant growth—more coffee shops, restaurants, and stores have popped up, creating a vibrant buzz, especially since the pandemic. It feels like an exciting time to be here.

Favourite spots for eating?

Currently, my favourite restaurant is The Spärrows. It’s a fusion of Polish and Italian cuisine with a distinctly European flair. The atmosphere is inviting, making it a cosy spot for winter too. They also do an amazing cherry negroni. Kitten is also a great spot for sushi, and I love Maray.

And for drinks?

There’s a wine bar in Ancoats called Kerb Wine. This area in general is pretty popular and has become a great hub for cool restaurants and bars. In that vicinity, there’s also a place called The Jane Eyre where you can also enjoy a fantastic Sunday roast and there are plenty of other great bars.

The best coffee spots?

Pollen Bakery in Manchester is fantastic; they serve delicious pastries, cakes, and excellent coffees. Another favourite of mine is Pot Kettle Black, located in the Barton Arcade, a historical building in St. Anne’s Square. This area is particularly charming with small boutiques and barbers, creating a lovely atmosphere and it’s always vibrant. Haunt is also a great spot for coffee and working and I love Factory Coffee.

If you didn’t live in Manchester, where would you be…

Paris. I’ve visited the city most often, and I find myself feeling a strong connection to the lifestyle there. Every time I go, it’s easy to romanticize daily life. It’s just a beautiful city, isn’t it? Enjoying a coffee, strolling around, exploring museums – Paris always has an array of things happening.

What does your autumn-winter wardrobe revolve around?

Versatile pieces that can be layered, like a snug turtleneck for a more polished look and chunky knits that stand out on their own, paired with jeans, boots, and accessories. I’m always on the lookout for intriguing jumpers that can define an outfit, along with chunky boots and coats. Living in a city where rain dominates 80% of the time, I have to balance what I want to wear with practicality. Comfort is my ultimate priority, and I’m continually exploring new ways to bring interest to comfortable outfits.

I’m always on the lookout for intriguing jumpers that can define an outfit, along with chunky boots and coats.

Tips for winter styling?

I find knitted vests to be kind of genius. They come in various shapes and sizes, making it easy to incorporate them into your wardrobe. It’s a smart way to maximize your blouses and even those summery dresses you’ve stashed away by adding an extra layer, allowing you to wear them throughout the winter. Just throw on some tights, and you’re good to go. Additionally, selecting functional accessories that express your style is key. Right now, I’m really into knitted bandanas—they add a cute touch to a simple coat while keeping me warm. Colored socks are very popular this season too; I’m loving bright pairs with Mary Janes at the moment.

And for party season?

I’m more of a jeans-and-going-out-top kind of person; comfort is my priority. I rarely go for super glam dressing, like ball gowns. I prefer investing in accessories that can elevate my staple pieces. Satin is a favorite, and I have some lovely satin items, including a slip dress and skirt—versatile pieces that can be styled in numerous ways. You can layer blouses or a knit vest over them, pair with Mary Janes or chunky boots, and switch up earrings. Given my short hair, I often opt for hair clips or a stylish hair bow to add a finishing touch.

Style advice for your younger self?

Clothes don’t have to necessarily flatter your figure or be tight to look good. If you like it, wear it. Getting dressed became more enjoyable when I stopped trying to fit everything to my body shape. Just have fun with silhouettes. Dress less for the male gaze and more for yourself.

Our Manchester store is now open – come and visit us.

28 King Street, Manchester, M2 6AY


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