Whistles Book Club: Holiday reads by destination


There’s nothing better than immersing yourself in a great novel while on holiday, and it’s even better if that book helps to bring your destination alive.

So whether you’re travelling around India this summer, having a weekend city break in New York or relaxing on a beach somewhere in the Mediterranean, there’s a book for every destination.

India: A Necessary Evil by Abir Mukherjee

A Necessary Evil is the tale of two investigators unraveling the assassination of a Maharajah’s son. Set in India in 1920 amongst a backdrop of tigers, elephants, diamond mines and the beautiful Palace of the Sun, it is the perfect book to read whilst treading the pathways of India this summer.

Cornwall: The Lake House by Kate Morton

Staying closer to home this year? Kate Morton’s gripping book The Lake House is the one to take on the road with you. Starting 1933, it tells the story of Alice - a sixteen-year-old budding writer - whose brother goes missing at a family party. The ultimate mystery-thriller to complement any trip to Britain’s south coast The Lake House will have you totally gripped.

Norway: The Owl Always Hunts At Night by Samuel Bjork

If trips to the Norwegian fjords are more your thing, then this crime thriller is your must-read book. When a young woman is found dead the police are quick to respond, but what they find at the murder site is unexpected. The body is posed, the scene meticulously set, and there is almost no forensic evidence to be found. This is the second in the Mia Krüger and Holger Munch detective series following I’m Travelling Alone.

Spain: The Muse by Jessie Burton

If you’re heading to Spain, pack The Muse in your carry-on. It follows the story of an aspiring writer in London in 1967 who discovers an old painting, transporting her to rural Spain during the Spanish Civil War. The Muse is an unforgettable novel about aspiration and identity, love and obsession, authenticity and deception.

France: We’ll Always Have Paris by Emma Beddington

If you plan on pounding the pavements of Paris this summer then this is the novel for you. This is Emma’s account of growing up in Yorkshire reading French Elle longing to be Parisian. A French exchange, a degree and a French boyfriend later and Emma is living in Paris with two half-French children. But does reality match up to her dreams? This is the warm and witty memoir for all those who watched An Education and saw themselves in Carey Mulligan’s character.

America: The Nix by Nathan Hill

Samuel hasn’t seen his mother for decades when suddenly she is the highlight of the nightly news for committing a politically motivated crime. As Samuel begins to excavate his mother's history, the story moves from the rural American Midwest of the 1960s, to New York City during Occupy Wall Street, and finally to war-torn Norway, home of the mysterious Nix. A groundbreaking debut novel, The Nix explores love and betrayal against a backdrop of American social conflict and popular culture. The perfect accompaniment for a trip to the states.