Whistles Book Club: Holiday reads by destination


No getaway is complete without a novel to lose yourself in, and we’re especially into the books set in destinations we’re due to explore.

So whether you’re escaping for a long weekend in Cornwall, a beach break in Greece or venturing further afield, forget the guidebooks and delve into these must-reads.


The Death of Mrs Westaway, by Ruth Ware

If you’re planning a scenic trip to Cornwall, this psychological thriller is for you. When Harriet Westaway receives a letter bequeathing her a substantial inheritance from her grandmother, it seems like the solution to all her money troubles. There's just one problem - her real grandparents died twenty years ago. Follow Harriet as she embarks on a journey of deception in a narrative that’ll send shivers down your spine.


The Greek Escape, by Karen Swan

The Greek Escape is the perfect accompaniment for a beach holiday. Set between Manhattan and an exotic Greek island, it tells the story of Chloe Marston, who is running to escape heartbreak. Torn between an ex-boyfriend and a mysterious new love interest, Chloe finds herself in over her head as she tries to decide where her future lies.  Every twist that unfolds will leave you wanting more.


Clock Dance, by Anne Tyler

If you’re heading to the states, here’s a book you won’t want to put down. After Willa Drake receives a phone call telling her son’s ex-girlfriend has been shot and needs her help, she drops everything and decides to look after this woman – and her nine-year-old daughter.  A bittersweet novel of hope and regret, fulfilment and renewal, Clock Dance brings us the life of a woman who decides it’s never too late to change direction, and choose your own path.


Killer Intent, by Tony Kent

Staying closer to home? Lose yourself in this page-turner whilst visiting the big smoke. As an attempted assassination sparks explosive events across London, Britain’s elite security forces seem powerless as chaos threatens to overwhelm the government. Unpredictable, dark and gripping, Killer Intent follows three strangers who find themselves caught in a life-or-death race against the clock.

Sri Lanka, Germany, England:

So Much Life Left Over, by Louis de Bernières

If you’re travelling an array of destinations this year, So Much Left Over is the novel for you. A sweeping and heart-breaking book that follows Daniel in his troubled marriage with Rosie through the unsettled times between World Wars. In turns that are humorous and tragic, discover a cast of captivating characters in a story set both in England and abroad.


White Chrysanthemum, by Mary Lynn Bracht

Immerse yourself in Korean culture and delve into the darker corners of the nation’s history with White Chrysanthemum. Based on the sexual slavery during the Japanese occupation, this is a story of two sisters who are suddenly and violently separated by war. Switch-backing between Hana in 1943 and Emi as an old woman today, it is engrossing, thoughtful and heartbreaking.