• COVID-19 update: Whistles.com is currently operating as normal and we are doing all we can to ensure parcels are delivered within the usual time frames but are aware some international delivery times may be slightly delayed due to local government restrictions.
  • All current delivery services remain available to our customers, please see the bottom of the page for further updates on our delivery partners and how physical contact will be minimised for deliveries during this period.
  • Hermes Deliveries: Customers may take advantage of Hermes’ alternative delivery options so they do not have to receive their parcel direct from the courier and sign for it to reduce contact. For those customers that do not want to divert, Hermes have put in place a temporary process for signature deliveries to ensure contact is minimised. Where a safe place is possible, couriers will deliver to that safe place, take a photo and then provide the customer a calling card stating that safe place. Where a safe place is not possible, couriers will still knock on the door, but rather than asking for the customer to sign, they will ask the customer for their name, input this into their device and then write “Covid-19” in the signature box. Capturing the name ensures the security of delivery is maintained whilst avoiding the need for the customer to physically sign.
  • DX Deliveries: DX Deliveries have introduced a temporary revised delivery procedure during this period. If a customer does not want to sign for a delivery on the driver’s hand held device, the driver will enter their name and enter “CV” in the signature field which will be classed as a successful delivery. The customer will still have the opportunity at delivery point to confirm any concerns with their parcel.
  • DHL Deliveries: For DHL deliveries internationally, customers who only wish to sign a delivery sheet or on their own provided paper, the courier will accept this and will capture a photograph of the signature as proof of delivery. The driver will upload this manually into their hand held scanner.  Where possible, customers are encouraged to use ODD and select “Leave in a Safe Place” to avoid any contact.