In Conversation With Author Lola Akinmade Åkerström On Visual Storytelling And Drawing On Personal Experiences To Create Works Of Fiction
Inspired by the author’s own experiences, In Every Mirror She’s Black explores the particular ways in which race and class intersect in Swedish society. Following on from our October Book Club, we caught up with her to discuss the process of crafting her three protagonists and what she hopes readers will take away from the novel.
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Getting To Know Tanice Elizabeth, The Content Creator With The Best Guide To Belfast
When curating travel guides, we like to get the inside scoop from the locals who can recommend uncovered gems and the places to prioritise if you are visiting with limited time. We just opened a new store in Belfast, on Victoria Square, and discovered ourselves on the lookout for the perfect guide who we found in Tanice Elizabeth - a content creator based in the city.

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In The Studio With Kate Dunn: The Artist Drawing On Multi-Sensory Experiences To Change How We Engage With Art
Following the collaboration on our Christmas window display, we took the chance to photograph artist Kate Dunn in her London studio before catching up for an interview. Here we chatted about everything from her art training and how her work has progressed, to the role of music in creating and her advice for other emerging artists. read more
In Conversation With Julia Cumming, Lead Vocalist And Bass Player Of Sunflower Bean
Sunflower Bean's recent record, Headful of Sugar, is a rush that hits hard, so Alex James Taylor discovers as he caught up with the lead singer and the face of our Autumn Winter 2022 campaign, Julia Cumming. read more
In Conversation With Sarah Alun-Jones And Lucy Hollis, Organic Food Pioneers At GROW
We caught up with Sarah Alun-Jones, GROW’s Farm and Outdoor Learning Director, and Lucy Hollis, its Managing and Education Director, to talk agroecological methods, mindfulness and how the organic food revolution can empower us all. read more
Getting To Know Amira, The Content Creator Inspiring Us To Embrace Fashion As A Form Of Expression
We took some time out of our day to catch up with Amira on everything from dressing modestly and expressing yourself through fashion, to how to escape the noise of social media and make time for yourself. read more
In Conversation With The Founders Of Isle Of Eden: The Sunglasses Brand Disrupting The Eyewear Game
To celebrate Whistles stocking Isle of Eden glasses online and in-store, we sat down with the brand's founders Nelson Rayner and Felina Natoli to discuss the brand’s journey, their favourite eyewear moments in pop culture and just what it takes to be a disruptor in the industry.
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Getting To Know Tessa Vermeulen: The Creative Behind Everyone’s New Favourite Brand Hai
After collaborating with Hai this season, we took the chance to get to know the founder Tessa Vermeulen a little better. We visited her partner’s gallery and store, Spazio Leone, in East London to photograph her and talk about how the brand was born, her intrigue in style over fashion and the power of accessories. read more
In Conversation With Foxes On Her Musical Process, Inspiration and Knowing When To Press Pause
After spending an afternoon photographing Louisa around the rainy streets of North-East London, we caught up with the musician to discuss her inspirations, her career so far, and just how good it feels to take back control. read more
Getting To Know Lola Ross: The Nutritional Therapist Focused On Female Health And Cycles
We visited Lola’s eclectic home in Kentish Town to delve deeper into the relationship between nutrition and medicine, how we can further support our hormones and the importance of lifestyle aspects such as sleep patterns and light exposure on our health and wellbeing. read more
Getting To Know Angelica Malin: The Editor, Journalist And Entrepreneur Refocusing us On Female Empowerment And How To Embrace Singlehood
As the founder and editor-in-chief of About Time, one of the UK's leading lifestyle magazines, and an ambitious entrepreneur, Angelica Malin is passionate about a host of elements close to our hearts - from singlehood and friendship to female empowerment. We sat down to discuss the inspiration behind her latest book, the shifting perspectives of being single and what it’s like to be an entrepreneur as a woman today. read more
In Conversation With Lucy Hannah And Zarghuna Kargar On Their Anthology That Amplifies The Voices Of Marginalised Afghan Women
Coming at a pivotal moment in Afghanistan’s history, My Pen Is The Wing Of A Bird amplifies the voices of Afghan women who, until now, have struggled to get their stories out. read more