The Benefits of washing at 30º

The benefits of washing at 30°

Did you know that a few small changes in your washing habits, especially using lower temperatures, can add up to some big benefits? Washing at the lowest possible temperature helps you to cut CO2 emissions, save energy and help the environment. And best of all, your clothes will actually look good and last longer. So why not make a habit of lowering your washing temperature depending on what you’re washing.

Gets your clothes as clean and fresh as you need

Washing at low temperatures such as 30° gives great results. With advances in washing machines and laundry detergents, it’s now possible to get clothes clean and fresh at lower temperatures.

Keeps your clothes better for longer

Washing your clothes at a reduced temperature allows you to take better care of the fabric so your clothes will actually look good for longer. Not only do clothes retain their colour for longer when washed at lower temperatures, but there is also less wear of the textile.

Collective efforts reap big environmental benefits

Washing at 30° is an eco-friendly way to save energy while treating clothes to a gentle cycle that leaves them spotless. Because modern detergents are designed to work just as well at low temperatures, setting the washing machine to 30° can save you money while reducing your carbon footprint.

Guppy bags
When washing clothing, micro fibres are released during the cleaning process and make their way into the water streams. Depending on the cleaning instructions we suggest keeping washing to a minimum, spot cleaning if possible or using a GUPPYFRIEND ® washing bag.