5 Modern Creative Cookbooks To Bring A New Energy To Your Kitchen

Tired of traditional cookbooks? Now is the perfect time to enliven your kitchen’s bookshelf with unique and unexpected selections, as a slew of publishers and creatives bring us fresh visual, inspiring options injected with a modern energy and dose of fun. Below are some of our favourites right now, whether you’re browsing for yourself or searching for gifts for foodie friends.

The Gourmand's Egg Book

What comes to mind more than eggs when you think of breakfast? The humble egg, a timeless staple, has woven its way through history and culture. The Gourmand’s Egg, published by Taschen, delves into the culinary phenomenon of this versatile food with exclusive new photography and artwork. As the first volume in a series merging food and art, this book celebrates the egg through recipes and storytelling. Featuring artistic interpretations by Dalí, Basquiat, Hockney, and Kahlo, it offers the perfect creative alternative for your cookbook shelf.

Better Food for Our Fighting Men

Here we have an unusual study in food from archives of the U.S Army’s Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center near Boston – perfect for history enthusiasts amongst us looking to bring something unique to their kitchens. If you are keen to dive into the science of nutrition, there’s no better place to look, as Matthieu explores the technologies used to create and supply rations on mass as well as the food itself all through alluring, distinctive, pastel imagery.

Kissa by Kissa: A 1,000 KM Walk along the Nakasendō (5th Edition)

Imported from Japan, beautifully printed and bound, evocatively written and photographed, Kissa by Kissa is a book about walking 1,000+km of the countryside of Japan along the ancient Nakasendō highway, the culture of pizza toast (pizza toast!), and mid-twentieth century Japanese cafés called kissaten.

Walking, Mod says, “forces you to directly engage with the cultural and human geography of a place,” and in Kissa by Kissa he engages with kissaten, old-style cafes which are slowly vanishing as their owners and customers age.

Recipes from Tender Friends

A perfect gift for foodie friends, this book tells the story of 24 people from diverse backgrounds and distant places, united by their love of cooking. From Madrid to London, with a zest of the Middle East, a pinch of Mexico, a sprinkle of Portugal, a drop of Charente-Maritime, a drizzle of Italy, and a sweet delicacy from Paris, it’s a culinary journey around the world. The key ingredient for a perfect dinner? A good bunch of tender friends. Keep cooking and invest in unique, diverse cookbooks to enrich your kitchen.

Cooking with Scorsese - The Cookbook

Cooking with Scorsese – The Cookbook presents an eclectic collection of savoury, sweet, and drink recipes from 46 celebrated chefs, inspired by film moments that evoke culinary joy. The book features pages illustrated with film stills, immersing readers in the scenes that influenced each recipe, from Wong Kar-wai’s evocative imagery in ‘In the Mood for Love’ to Wes Anderson’s intricate pastries in ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’.
This series has evolved beyond books into clothing lines, film nights, and occasional supper clubs, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between food and film. Over time, Cooking with Scorsese has illustrated how the two mediums feed into each other, enriching both cinematic and culinary experiences.

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