More Is More: How To Master The Heavy Layering Trend

The idea of layering clothes is by no means new to us, but if you’ve been tuning into recent styling trends, you’ll notice that it’s been taken to a whole new level. We’re embracing coats thrown over jackets and overshirts, whilst heavier outerwear is being styled with chunky roll-necks and topped off with a helping of accessories. The result? A look that’s less Joey from Friends and more refined and fashion-forward.

As we approach dressing with a commitment to shop in a more considered way, layering our clothes gives them a new lease of life. This also allows us to appreciate the items that have been hanging around in our wardrobes for as long as we can remember, and the process needn’t be daunting. Discover how simple it is to execute our new favourite form of maximalism with our latest guide.

1. Start With A Versatile Knit

Our tried-and-true layering tip, and one you will be more familiar with, is styling a thin roll-neck knit under overshirts and dresses, rendering spring-summer essentials wearable year-round. Staples with elegant V-necks are our go-tos, as well as more fluid, relaxed silhouettes–like that of our Catherine Shirt Dress – making it easy to sport something underneath. So whether you’re hitting city pavements or dressing for day-to-night, don’t shy away from your favourite dresses – layering is the key.

2. Add An Unconventional Twist

Once you’ve built up the foundation of a roll neck and midi dress, we suggest a styling tip that may seem unconventional: sporting trousers underneath. Our Stretch Leather Leggings work for all occasions and thanks to their close-fit they may resemble a pair of tights on colder days. Slim and straight leg jeans or trousers will also work; just remember to steer away from wide shapes and keep the focus on the elegant silhouette of the dress. Another styling trick is to layer button-down dress, and undo the lower fastenings to reveal more of the trousers. Although for many this is a ‘00s trend they hoped had been left in the past, with a few quick switches, it’s possible to make dresses over trousers look effortless and chic, rather than chaotic.

3. Layer On The Accessories

No outfit would be complete without the finishing embellishments, and this year the layering trend has made its way to our jewellery boxes. To modernise looks and make a statement this year, chains in varying lengths and similar hues can be styled together with ease. Just remember that if you’re going all out with your necklaces, you’ll want to keep the earrings you wear minimal. As for scarves during winter, we’d recommend wearing chunky scarves with heavier outerwear and silk scarves with lighter jackets and overshirts when seasons change.

4. Finish With A Combination Of Outerwear

Once it’s time to head out, the final step is outerwear. Perfect for colder climes, doubling up is not only warming, but an easy way to show you’ve put considerable thought into your outfit. Try styling a leather gilet over a fluid trench coat, or a leather jacket under an oversized wool coat. It’s worth spending a little time working out placements too; for example, our Bonded Shearling Collar Jacket will look really great with the collar pulled out from under a coat so that it sits over the shoulders with ease.


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