Getting To Know Amira, The Content Creator Inspiring Us To Embrace Fashion As A Form Of Expression

As we approach the height of summer, we’re on the lookout for fresh style inspiration and new ways to think about dressing, yet there’s certain wardrobes that always catch our eye and Amira (@modestmira), is someone we always return to. With that in mind, it felt like the perfect time to get to know the content creator a little better. We took some time out of our day to discuss everything from dressing modestly and expressing yourself through fashion, to how to escape the noise of social media and make time for yourself.

Firstly, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Amira and I’m a fashion and lifestyle digital content creator. I was born and bred in Manchester but just recently moved to Birmingham to be with my husband. I have a huge love for fashion and that’s what led me to start creating content.

How would you describe your personal style?

I feel like I can’t categorise it specifically because I like to try different things and mix it up. I’d say at the moment, my style is a blend of classic styles and casual comfort. I also like to incorporate print and colour. I love experimenting and seeing what I feel confident in.

“I’d say at the moment, my style is a blend of classic styles and casual comfort.”
What does dressing modestly mean to you and how do you go about doing so in your own personal way?

Dressing modestly has been something I’ve been doing for a very long time, from a very young age. It’s a big part of me and my identity now; it holds a big place in my heart. I’ve had to experiment and try different styles to see what I feel my best in and as I’ve got older, I know what suits me more.

How do you go about expressing yourself with comfort and confidence?

That has been a journey for me because when I was younger I lacked self-confidence. The way I started to boost that was through my style and fashion. My current job and working in social media – although it has its positives and negatives – has definitely helped me grow as an individual in so many ways.

“Dressing modestly is a big part of me and my identity now – it holds a big place in my heart.”
Has using social media and documenting your outfits changed the way you dress or the way you think about dressing?

There’s so much inspiration on the internet now that it inspires my style and encourages me to try new things, in my own way. However I still know what I like and what makes me feel confident, so I tend to stick to certain styles. It’s a mixture but the inspiration is there when I need it, which is great.

“The inspiration on the internet is there when I need it, which is great.”
On that note, social media is obviously key to your work. How do you disconnect from that on days off and make time for yourself?

At the beginning I struggled to disconnect. I got to a point where I had a bit of a burnout and realised I needed to actively have some time away from it. I took two weeks off with my husband and went to Cornwall to enjoy the beach and spend time in nature – that’s the best way to get some space. It gave me the chance to disconnect from the noise and find a new sense of calm. That’s something I’ll do a lot more now and I try to be in the present when I can.

Are you impulsive with your buys or more careful and considerate?

I’m a lot more considerate nowadays and if it’s not going to work with lots of items in my current wardrobe, I won’t buy it. I need to know it’s going to get the love it deserves. I used to be very impulsive though, so I am trying to change my ways. It’s a work in progress.

What does a ‘capsule wardrobe’ mean to you? Which staples do you always return to?

Creating a capsule wardrobe is very important; it forms your foundation and everything else stems around that. My staples are a straight leg pair of denim jeans, a pair of trainers or sandals and go-to long sleeve tops in classic colours such as neutral, white and black. I also love a good overshirt for all seasons; especially in summer as they’re the perfect light layer.

“Creating a capsule wardrobe is very important; it forms your foundation and everything else stems around that.”
Favourite item in your wardrobe right now?

A tailored pair of white trousers, they’re so easy to wear and go with loads in my wardrobe. I am loving the Whistles Ninne Stripe Knitted cardigan too – I’m throwing it on with everything.

Would you say the way you approach styling changes depending on the season?

I’m actually one to mix spring-summer with autumn-winter. I like to throw them all together. I pair my summer dresses with chunky knits and mix and match. It gives my wardrobe more mileage. I don’t massively change my wardrobe during the seasons but I always layer – whatever time of year it is. I lean towards more thin, breathable layers in summer and thicker ones in winter.

“I’m actually one to mix spring-summer with autumn-winter. It gives my wardrobe more mileage.”
Whose else’s style do you admire?

There’s so many amazing women out there! To name a few, Greece Ghanem’s style is just impeccable, and Michelle Lyn. I also love Zeena Shah and how much she plays with colour through how she dresses.

What do you like to do on days off?

I love nature, the outdoors and hiking. I also love to paint.

If you could give one piece of style advice this season?

Lean towards comfort and what makes you feel confident – this is the season where that feels most important in many ways. And buy things that will last.



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