Sustainable Clothing Action Plan

As a signatory to SCAP 2020 (Sustainable Clothing Action Plan) since 2012, we became part of a ground-breaking industry initiative driving significant and collaborative environmental change across the sector. Together with over 90 organisations, SCAP set out to reduce the carbon, water and waste footprint of clothing sold in the UK by 2020.

Led by WRAP – a charity promoting and encouraging sustainable resource use through product design, waste minimisation, re-use and recycling, and reprocessing of waste materials – SCAP established a framework with 3 industry-led targets to reduce the end-to-end use of resources across the lifecycle of clothing.

Set against a 2012 baseline, the targets included a -15% reduction in carbon and water and a -3.5% reduction in waste. To reduce the environmental footprint seen in the raw material stage and during the manufacturing process, signatories made changes to their fibre and fabric selections, while collaborating with their supply chain partners to adopt lower impact manufacturing techniques. To reduce the environmental impact of clothing while in-use, signatories developed guidance and services to extend the life of clothes and promote lower impact laundry methods, while increasing re-use and recycling services to keep clothing out of landfill.

Collectively, by the end of 2019, the carbon target was exceeded with a reduction of -15.9%, the water target was exceeded with a reduction of -19.5% and with a year to go the waste target was recorded at -2.3%.
At Whistles, our work with SCAP has informed our efforts to question where and how our products are produced, enabling us to make more considered choices when it comes to collaborating with our longstanding supply chain partners.

Our most impactful improvements have been the transition of our conventional raw materials to more responsible alternatives and fostering a progressive approach to offering expertise care and repair guidance with the aim to extend the life of your most treasured Whistles pieces for as long as possible while diverting waste out of landfill with our partnership with charity and clothing recycler, NewLife.