Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

We require all our suppliers to adhere to our standards and requirements by actively following and engaging in our policies regarding animal welfare.

We aim to promote the safe and humane treatment of animals used in the production of our products.

  • Leather should be sourced in an sustained responsible manner, in accordance with our responsible sourcing of leather guidelines
  • No products in full or part are to be sourced from endangered species from the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) or IUCN
  • No real fur or pelts are to be used in any Whistles product
  • No feathers or down should be used in any Whistles product due to the potential risk of feather and down coming from unaccredited sources. Whistles only allows synthetic feathers or fillers in its product. This has been a practise since autumn winter 2014 orders.
  • Leathers & skins must only be obtained as a by-product and not for the sole purpose of the slaughter of an animal.
  • Animals should not be harmed either during farming methods or by the collection of their wool, & hair.
  • Angora rabbit hair should not be used for any Whistles products
  • We aim to promote the humane treatment of animals used in the production of our garments. In light of the recent investigation into the mohair supply chain, we have decided to ban mohair. In line with our sustainability agenda, we will however continue to honour our existing commitment with our existing suppliers, with the fibre being completely phased out by 2020.
  • Merino wool cannot be used or purchased from sources that still practice’s mulesing. Suppliers will be asked to provide the wool source to ensure they meet our requirements and ensure safe and good sheep husbandry methods.
  • Whistles Ltd prohibits the use of Astrakhan/Karakul or any other leather/skin products which are the product of unnatural abortions.
  • Whistles Ltd does not accept any Leather/skin products obtained from live skinning or live boiling of animals.
  • Farms and Abattoirs must slaughter humanely with high animal husbandry compliance and in accordance to the recommendations on animal welfare set out by the OIE in their Animal Health Codes.
  • Whistles Ltd will only use shell products originating from non-endangered species.
  • Animal Testing Whistles Ltd will not include ingredients, formulations or products from suppliers that have been party to animal testing for cosmetic purposes.
  • All cosmetic product and ingredients must be approved by the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) under the Humane Cosmetics Standard.
  • Whistles Ltd vendors and suppliers are required to give full assurance and commitment that all the policies stated within the Whistles Ltd Animal Product Policy are strictly adhered to, without exception.
  • All suppliers must follow our general Governance and Compliance Process:
Responsible Sourcing of Leather:

There are many actions that a responsible business can take to reduce the environmental and ethical issues in their leather supply chains. These have been listed above in our Animal welfare policy:

Further guidance on how to aid suppliers and business can be found from the following:

Leather Working Group – an online resource for all stakeholder groups in the leather industry. They promote sustainable and appropriate environmental stewardship practices within the leather industry – particularly for tanneries.

The European Leather Association – COTANCE– provide policy guidelines for the responsible sourcing of leather and leather products. It announced in November 2011 an initiative to develop Europe’s first environmental and social report on Europe’s leather industry ( )to improve the governance of the leather industry in the EU.