Inclusion and Diversity statement

We are committed to making the Whistles brand, values and culture accessible to everyone. The events of 2020 highlighted the need for change – both at an industry and brand level – to ensure that a diverse selection of backgrounds, cultures and lived experiences are represented throughout each facet of our business.

As a result, we have pulled together the following initiatives, which we will continually review and develop as part of our ongoing commitment to inclusion. We stand in solidarity against racism and discrimination of any kind and will work together to ensure our actions effect real, tangible change within our business and the wider fashion landscape.

Recruitment & Training

– Attracting and retaining a more diverse team is of paramount importance. We will identify diversity gaps within our headquarters and store teams, and set goals to improve representation.

– All management roles responsible for hiring new employees will be trained to ensure our recruitment process is fair and without prejudice.

– We will provide training to all employees to address conscious and unconscious bias within the workplace and the community.

– We will create an open and safe means of communication for employees to share their views or raise any concerns.

Employee Self-Education

– We will bring together an Inclusion & Diversity Board formed of employees of all backgrounds and levels, dedicated to facilitate discussion and enhance resources to improve awareness.

– We will provide a wide range of resources and information so that our employees can become better informed and educate themselves.

Brand Representation

– We will ensure the models featured in our website and campaign photography reflect customers of different ages, ethnicities and sizes.

– We will ensure the stories we share as an omni-channel brand reflect a variety of voices and lived experiences.

– Any charities or partners we work with will reflect our values and commitment to a more inclusive society.