Whistles Muse: Françoise Hardy

Whistles Muse: Françoise Hardy

Timeless and iconic, Françoise Hardy is the infallible icon of understated cool. From her take on masculine dressing, to the short A-line silhouettes that defined the sixties. Hardy mastered, trademarked and defined them all.

Finding fame with songs such as Tous les garcons et les filles and Le temps de l’amour (the title track from Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom). Hardy swiftly became a distinguished icon of French youth culture. With a poem dedicated to her by Bob Dylan and publicly described by Mick Jagger as his ideal woman, Hardy’s effortlessly cool persona enamored many, and scored her various film roles, such as the 1966 classic Grand Prix.

Whether she was wearing an all leather ensemble, preferred items were classic biker jackets with a matching trouser, an iconic miniskirt teamed with an oversized shirt or attending a-list events in a rule-breaking trouser suit.

Hardy was always one step ahead, with that certain atypical French ease.

Rarely seen in pattern, Hardy focused on luxury basics, the quintessential sweater, the perfect-fit jean and her statement square-framed sunglasses. All finished with her trademark loose fringe and a slick of era-defining eyeliner. Hardy’s look is still as influential, prevalent and inspirational to this day.


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