Meet The Creative Duo Behind Worm, London’s Coolest Floral Design Studio

After working with the double act behind Worm on our current window installations and store workshops, we were eager to learn more about Katie and Terri, as well as their brand. Below they talk us through the inspiration behind their work, their creative process and how they started their floral design studio, which is based in East London.

How did Worm start?

Worm started in 2016 when we were both feeling a bit lost in the jobs we were in. We decided we would like to have something to call our own and something in which we could continue being creative once we started families – whilst still making money.

Tell us a bit about yourselves, do you both have backgrounds in floral design?

No, not at all. Katie was a stylist and I (Terri) was an actor before. We did a fairly basic level floristry course and learned the rest as we went along.

What are the key pillars of your brand?

Personality and seasonality.

Where do you source inspiration from?

We are greatly inspired by the landscape we grew up in – the south of Ireland. It’s wild, grassy and haphazard. We take inspiration from everywhere really though. When we get to have some time off and leave London, we always come back brimming with ideas.

You also collaborate on your own self-initiated creative projects. Can you tell us more about these?

These often come from relationships we have with people we have met through Worm and the industry. If we get on well and love their work, we ask them if they would like to collaborate on something. These are some of the most enjoyable projects because if we get a notion to change our ideas, we can go with whatever feels right.

How do the changes in seasons affect and inspire your work?

We work with the seasons like chefs. We get so excited in late spring and early summer because the best British flowers start coming into season. June is the best time for flowers for us.
January can be difficult because everything is so bare, so we dry flowers throughout the autumn to allow for more creativity.

You work with people on creating arrangements for special events too - including weddings. How does this process work?

We have a chat with clients about their vision – if they have one – and create a moodboard for them, before providing a quote. We then go through seasonal flowers and discuss ideas for the venue they have chosen. It’s an intimate experience because you get to know the couple so well by the time their wedding comes around – it’s quite emotional. You are there for those exciting moments that the guests don’t get to see.

How do you use floral design to evoke a certain mood at special events?

Scents are a big part of this. Fragrances evoke memories and can take you right back to a certain time in your life. We always try to add something beautifully scented into a bridal bouquet so the memory of the flowers is lasts – even after the flowers have died.

What do you like most about creating arrangements for weddings?

It’s the element of collaboration between us and the couple. The fact that you know that you are making their day even more special and creating lasting memories.

What are some of your favourite floral trends at the moment?

We both love one type of seasonal flower in a really beautiful vase. I think when you deal with all sorts of crazy installations, simplicity feels nice too. We are also loving that people have taken such an interest in dried flowers and leaves – mainly from a sustainability point of view. It’s great to give flowers a new life and make them last.

Are there any other brands in the creative space that are inspiring you at the moment?

We are always inspired by fellow Irish designer Simone Rocha’s collections and our friend Laura Jackson is setting up a new platform called Hoste (coming soon). We have been planning some exciting things with her. We’ve also been recent guests at a few evenings of Marguerite – an inspiring women’s club that has a selection of inspiring guest speakers too.

What do you like to do with your days off?

This has become very modest as they are few and far between. Seeing friends – which we didn’t much of whilst we were initially finding our feet with Worm – and reading. We also like to do courses that can help us bring something new to Worm. We just did a calligraphy one and one on food foraging.

What’s next for Worm?

We have so many projects lined up for the rest of this year. Brexit terrified us for a while and we were hesitant to quote on work for next year without knowing what is going to happen to a small business like us. We have no choice but to import flowers at certain times of the year so it’s daunting but we have decided to brave it and see what happens.
I’m also (Terri) is having my first baby at the end of this year, so that will bring a whole new set of challenges for us as two women in business – as well as a lot of joy.



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