International Women’s Day: Seven Instagram accounts to follow


At Whistles HQ, we're feeling inspired by the women who want to celebrate other women. From open working spaces to online communities, engaging literature to women who draw, we're giving you the rundown of our top seven Instagram accounts that address the issues, challenges and achievements of women.

1. The Working Women’s Club, @thewwclub

Founded by Phoebe Lovatt, the Working Women’s Club is a meeting space and support network for working women in creative industries worldwide. The WWC offers a series of freelancer meet ups, dinner parties and cocktail hours to wellness sessions and podcasts providing the information that women need to build the lifestyles they desire. You can read more about our Whistles woman, Phoebe Lovatt, and her story behind the Working Women’s Club, here.

2. OK REAL, @heyokreal

Artist turned communicator, Amy Woodside is the brains behind OK REAL - a curated online journal, providing wisdom shared by aspirational women. Her mission? “We help women determine what their version of fulfillment looks like” is the message across OK REAL’s platform. Through a series of interviews, thoughtful articles and constructive but trustworthy advice - OK REAL acts like a trustworthy friend, guiding you to create your own path.

3. Boss Ladies magazine, @bossladiesmag

If the title of this biannual magazine doesn’t excite you, then the visually beautiful but refined pages certainly will. Chelsea Sanksen, the real Boss Lady, wanted an empowering publication that reflected the values and interests of modern, creative, business-minded woman. This is a magazine that wants to be worthy of your bookshelf. Each issue focuses on one city alone, inspired by the women who are building impactful yet appealing businesses within their city. The May 2018 issue will be focusing on London, so if you know of a woman who is making waves in business, let them know.

4. GALs - Girls at Library, @girlsatlibrary

Payton Cosell Turner and Eliza Wexelman want to invite you to take an intimate look at how storytelling has shaped your life. Looking at reader's personal engagement and experience with literature - GALs is about women who read, for women who read. Their Instagram and online journal features engaging literary interviews and offers book recommendations, invites you to share ideas and sparks a discourse with a diverse selection of women who are passionate about reading. The ultimate online book club.

5. GURLS TALK, @gurlstalk

If you’ve been scrolling Instagram this past month, you’ll probably have come across Adwoa Aboah, the model of the season. Not only has she been making her mark in fashion, she is also the founder of GURLS TALK - an online community that wants to get girls talking. Driven from her own personal experiences, Adwoa wanted a safe and trusted environment that allows girls of all backgrounds to freely share their experiences and seek advice free from prejudice. GURLS TALK wants you to know what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. So let’s get talking.

6. The Slay, @theslaybymic

Media and news company, Mic offers quality coverage and a tailored news outlet to make you rethink the world. The Slay is a subdivision of that but for the female voice. Facebook and Instagram only, this news platform is a quick way to digest female orientated news stories that are often overlooked by other media companies. “Intersectional feminism. Equality. Girl power.” is what they stand for and with short, informative yet witty videos, The Slay will be your daily dose of female power.

7. Women Who Draw, @thewomenwhodraw

For an injection of something more colourful and fun, the Women Who Draw will liven up your feed. The WWD is an open directory of female (trans and gender non-conforming inclusive) professional illustrators. With an emphasis on females of colour, LBTQ+ and other minority groups, the Women Who Draw increase awareness of female illustrators so this is an Instagram that deserves your attention.