Around The World In 11 Cookbooks

While a summer of far-off destinations and picturesque coastlines may look slightly different this year, there are still ways to enjoy a sense of escapism from the comfort of our homes. We’ve rounded up 11 cookbooks that offer recipes from a variety of cuisines, from Mexican and Medderterian selections to classic Italian dishes and gelato – and there’s something for everyone.

Under The Olive Tree: Recipes from my Greek Kitchen, by Irini Tzortzoglou

Under the Olive Tree is a collection of Greek family recipes from Irini Tzortzoglou, the 2019 champion of MasterChef UK. Including accessible, everyday dishes for the home cook, as well as a section focused on Irini’s tips and tricks for when you have more time on your hands. With over 80 recipes, from breakfasts and quick dinners to feasting ideas for dinner parties, this cookbook is a celebration of Greece.

Available 23rd July 2020

The Roasting Tin Around The World, by Rukmini Iyer

Featuring a variety of 75 recipes, The Roasting Tin Around the World covers all corners of the globe with refreshing cooking ideas – all reworked into quick and easy one-tin meals. Rukmini Iyer’s vision for the roasting tin series is: “minimum effort, maximum flavour”, and this book delivers on that with its bold and punchy global flavours. Perfect for weeknight dinners and at-home lunchboxes, this is a must-have book to keep close in your kitchen.

The Mexican Home Kitchen, by Mely Martinez

The Mexican Home Kitchen, the long-awaited, best-selling cookbook from Mely Martinez, compiles the traditional home-style dishes enjoyed every day in Mexican households. Packed with photography that will inspire your cooking, this book includes recipes for stews, soups and side dishes, along with Mexican favourites such as enchiladas, picadillo and milanesa. Complete with easy-to-follow instructions and stories from Mexico, along with tips for stocking your pantry, The Mexican Home Kitchen is a go-to for all foodies.

Sri Lanka: The Cookbook, by Prakash Sivanathan & Niranjala Ellawala

Feather-light hoppers, fiery sambols and subtly spiced curries come together in this definitive collection of Sri Lanka’s most authentic and vibrant recipes. As well as absorbing influences from India, the Middle East and Far East Asia, Sri Lanka also has strong Singhalese and Tamil cooking traditions, and this book brings these styles together to showcase the best of the country’s culinary heritage. Dig into 100 recipes that celebrate the island’s ingredients and explore its culture through travel photography of the country, kitchens, and people.

Mediterranean Every Day, by Sheela Prakash

Cook your way through over 75 Mediterranean recipes that make the most of what’s in season. Mediterranean Every Day embraces a style of cooking that celebrates flavour with a relaxed, flexible attitude. It’s simple enough for a midweek meal but never out of place for a gathering with friends, and beyond the recipes, this is a book that teaches us how to build a wholesome, well-stocked pantry. Begin with an introduction to the Mediterranean style of cooking and then choose from a range of recipes, including three-ingredient (or less) snacks, cocktails, salads, soups, colourful portions of pasta, gathering dishes and desserts.

Judy Joo’s Korean Soul Food, by Judy Joo

Fresh from the success of Korean Food Made Simple, chef Judy Joo is back with a collection of recipes that celebrate the joys of Korean comfort food. Drawing on her heritage and international experience, Judy presents recipes that appeal to everyone, from street food to snacks and sharing plates, kimchi to Ko-Mex fusion food, and dumplings to desserts. With over 100 recipes, helpful glossaries, and tips on how to stock the perfect Korean store cupboard, there’s something for amateur chefs and accomplished home cooks alike.

Baladi: Palestine - a celebration of food from land and sea, by Joudie Kalla

Joudie Kalla introduces readers to more of the Middle East’s best-kept secret – Palestinian cuisine. ‘Baladi‘ means ‘my home, my land, my country,’ and Joudie pays homage to her homeland by showcasing the wide-ranging, vibrant dishes of the country. Baladi features selections categorised according to the different environments they come from, such as the land, the sea, the forest, or the orchard. Dishes are made to be enjoyed one another, with Joudie explaining which plates complement each other as a meal while delving into the recipes’ origin. This illustrated cookery book is interspersed with photography of the landscape, streets, and people of Palestine and is perfect for anyone interested in its rich culinary culture.

Summers Under the Tamarind Tree: Recipes and memories from Pakistan, by Sumayya Usmani

Summers Under the Tamarind Tree is a contemporary Pakistani cookbook celebrating their varied and often-overlooked cuisine. Former lawyer-turned-food writer and cookery teacher Sumayya Usmani captures the aromatic pleasure of Pakistani cooking through more than 100 recipes as she celebrates the heritage and traditions of her home country. Learn to cook rich Pakistani dishes this season with this selection of delicious yet achievable recipes.

Gelupo Gelato, by Jacob Kenedy

A masterclass in the simple art of gelato, Gelupo Gelato offers a spectrum of sophisticated yet straightforward recipes from tangy lime sherbet and fruity peach to creamy Marron Glace and decadent chocolate and whisky. And that’s not all; there are definitive recipes for an ice cream cake, profiteroles, ice cream cones, and brioche buns – as well as a tip sheet for how to pair flavours. Allow gelato becomes your new Italian obsession this summer.

Sicilia, by Ben Tish

Ben Tish unlocks the secrets of Sicily’s culture and food, diving into its diverse tapestry of cultural influences. Sitting at the heart of the Mediterranean, between east and west, Europe and North Africa, the food of Sicily is full of citrus, almonds, and a plethora of spices, mixed in harmony with simple indigenous olives, vines, and wheat. You’ll also find fresh seafood on the coast and meat inland, but the two rarely mix. This collection brings the food of Sicily to your table at home, with recipes ranging from smaller morsels and fritters to hearty couscous, rice, and pasta dishes, as well as an abundance of granitas, ice creams, and dessert.

Available 10th June 2021

Perfect Pasta At Home, by Pasta Evangelists

Founders of the bestselling fresh pasta subscription box, Pasta Evangelists, are here to share with you their all-time favourite recipes from across Italy for easy-to-cook, authentic dishes that everyone will enjoy. With ‘Make Your Own’ pages to help you use up the ingredients you have left in your fridge or cupboard, along with information on the history of pasta shapes, regional traditions, this is a must-have addition to any kitchen.

Available 10th June 2021


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