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Recycled Nylon

Material selection is a key element in the design and crafting of our swimwear. We seek materials that are strong and supple, provide excellent elasticity and comfort, whilst being lightweight and soft to the touch – and nylon offers all of these features.

As part of our evolving commitment to address the environmental impacts of our materials, we are introducing recycled nylon into our collections – starting with swimwear. By offsetting the production of new virgin fibres, we are reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and regenerating nylon waste into new fibre.

Currently, the recycled nylon we use is made from both ocean waste and pre-consumer material scraps destined for landfill. Advanced recycling technologies help to regenerate nylon waste to its original quality, adding resilience to our pieces.

As with most fabrics, microfibres are released while washing nylon, making their way into our water streams and oceans. To reduce this, we recommend using a GUPPYFRIEND® washing bag when washing any synthetic fibres.