Wedding advice from real brides

Wedding advice from real brides

Wedding planning can, at times, feel overwhelming. So to help you keep your calm and plan the big day, we’ve rounded up some of the best advice from the brides and brides-to-be at Whistles HQ.


“I think the best advice I’ve been given whilst planning my wedding is to enjoy every moment and try not to sweat the small stuff. It’s rare to have everyone you love in one room so try to soak in every bit of the day. That, and make sure you ask the caterers keep some food aside for you – everyone wants to talk to you and you don’t want to be left feeling hungry on your big day.”


Kimberley Johnson, Retail Operations Manager

“Decide what’s most important to you both at the beginning and stick to it. For us it was plenty of delicious drinks and a venue that could host all our friends and family. Try to enjoy the build up and planning as much as possible too, as the day goes so quickly and will be over before you know it.”


Sarah Bartlett, Womenswear Designer

“After we got engaged, the best advice we were given was to focus on these three things quite quickly: venue, band and photographer. If you have a specific style in mind, these are the things that can book up quickly. And after that, just relax and enjoy it! We’re still one year away from our big day, so we are ticking off little bits each month. My most recent learning? Make sure you aim to start looking at wedding dresses around one year before your set date – a lot of boutiques work with international designers that can take eight to ten months to create your dress and alterations can take another two months.”


Catriona Gallacher, E-Commerce Trading Manager

“Firstly we found a beautiful chapel who were happy to marry us and then worked the rest of the planning around that. We ended up having our reception five minutes away at The Turner in Margate, which suited us perfectly as we are both creatives. We went with our gut instincts throughout the planning process and learned to trust our decisions. We only had five months to plan, so time was of the essence!”


Anna Underdown, Womenswear Designer

“I was super nervous about all the attention and hoped at the end of the day our wedding would just be a celebration and huge party. I focused on what was important to me and that was to have a great time with good food and music. I can’t stress enough how important it is not to leave the music as an afterthought. Music is emotional, lifts spirits and leaves lasting memories and putting a playlist together as a couple is really fun. We danced the night away and instead of having bridesmaids, all I asked of my close girl friends was to get on the dance floor with me as soon as the music started.” 


Sadie Watts, Head of Communications


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